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Yosef Leshkovitz

Our family have a relationship that goes back over 15 years we have purchased maybe 30 of her original oil paintings and they are they beautify the homes of ourselves as well as all of our children and now in that she's such a wonderful person to deal with because she's open to ideas that you have if you want to make modifications to kill a picture that you're interested in and she's just so easy to deal with

Shlomo Freifeld of Jerusalem Gallery

Menucha Yankelevitch is a master of abstract painting. She has been painting for over 30 years, and her work is characterized by its deep understanding of the fundamentals of painting, including composition, color theory, and the use of materials. Menucha's paintings are often inspired by her Jewish heritage. She uses bold colors and shapes to create images that are both abstract and evocative . Her work is sure to add a touch of beauty and meaning to any home. I highly recommend Menucha Yankelevitch to anyone who is looking for a unique and inspiring piece of art.

Mindy R. Monsey, New York

We purchased a unique work of the "seven species" from the well-known artist, Menucha Yankelevitch from Jerusalem We are totally in love with her work; it’s sensitive, It’s vibrant, and it has the special soul of her love of Israel, and specifically Jerusalem Her work is rich, it’s beautiful and she is an absolute pleasure to work with . So, I would really encourage anyone pursuing (a wish) to enhance the decor of their home, and bring in vibes of Israel and of people who sincerely love Israel, to look into Menucha‘s extraordinary art, as she’s wonderful to work with. She will definitely work with the consumer, as was our own personal experience. We are thrilled with her work… and everyone who comes in here (to view it in our home) feels the same

Suri Brach

wanted a piece of art that symbolized Jerusalem. I wanted something unique, pretty and cost effective. I saw your paintings of Kever Rochel in someone's apartment and I was impressed. When I came to your studio you were very helpful You even came back with me to my apartment to ensure that the size and design is appropriate. I chose the painting of people dancing with instruments by Migdal Dovid. It exhumes happiness and it's not typical. I would come again and buy and I have sent many clients to you as well. Hatzlacha Raba.

The Bleier Family from New Jersey

When we started working with the artist Menucha Yankelevitch and received her artworks, they were WOW!!! Stunning and amazing pieces In a unique and special style Very illuminated! Full of atmosphere! I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely love her work Pictures Definitely recommend purchasing from Menucha Yankelevitch Her new style speaks for itself She is the true artist!!! And if you buy from her If you have her paintings You are lucky!

Minky Wolodarski MFT LICENSED Psychotherapist

Menucha has given me an opportunity to express myself in the most amazing way possible. art has the ability to open the subconscious and release deep feelings on canvas Menucha gave me the ability to really paint to let it come from my heart and be expressed on canvas. Menucha is incredibly talented and she helped me find my talent inside. it's a real experience to have Menucha as a teacher. I love the experience of art, I enjoy the feeling of being calm and enjoy every minute of it. Menuchah you are a real master! thank you so much for the gifts you passed along to me,

Michal Sadan – curator of exhibitions in Israel and abroad; P.R person for artists:

Menucha is a groundbreaking artist, who has always dealt with scenes from the Jewish world, and given her personal interpretation to the religious faith she lives. The brush is Menucha’s mode of communication with the human soul and with the audience waiting for her paintings. She is an entrepreneur and inventor of artistic styles, later imitated by others who were inspired by her work and personality. In her creative process, Menucha is a sort of scientist, a wise experimenter, investing time, experience and perseverance. Her paintings are masterful not only because of her enchanting technique, but because they penetrate the human soul, captivate the heart, and evoke positive and empowering emotions. There is no doubt that Menucha is still making her mark in the world of Jewish and Israeli art.


I highly recommend Menucha and her artistic talents. Our quest for an artist capable of adorning a parchment with a deeply meaningful verse led us to an extensive search. After exploring numerous artists and their works, we finally found serenity in Menuchay's exceptional creations. HHer work is nothing short of extraordinary—distinctive, beautiful, and truly impressive. It perfectly captured the essence of the verse we held dear. The entire process was remarkably swift, resulting in a masterpiece that exceeded our expectations. Attached are photos of both the work in progress and the final painting, elegantly framed at Remy's on Strauss Street, where Menuchay's art graces the space. I am truly amazed by the outcome, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude once again. I wholeheartedly recommend Menuchay for her remarkable talent and dedication. Thank you!!

Yigal Moskovitz

After countless searches, we stumbled upon a collection of pictures that we didn't know were yours. We simply connected with them on a soulful level and sought their origin, which led us to you! From the moment we hung the pictures in our home, it transformed the space and the ambiance . Upon entering, it radiates and uplifts everyone around, undoubtedly for our family, my wife, and everyone who visits. It just brings positivity! The pictures are incredibly unique, captivating, and soulful! If I had more walls in my hous , I would surely hang many more of Menucha's paintings because they simply do wonders for the soul, spirit, and environment! And if we ever need more paintings for ourselves or anything else, we'll definitely reach out directly to the artist.

Rami Yehuda frames artwork

I have been working with Menucha for several years and I must say she is an exceptionally original painter, Her style is stunning characterized by a remarkable color palette and a high level of professionalism. Her work is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply inspiring. Each of her pieces exudes spiritual inspiration and more. I thoroughly enjoy framing her artwork, and every time I encounter her new creations, I'm captivated I highly recommend purchasing her art because whoever does will truly relish the beauty within the picture Thank you, and I wish you all the best!


Hi, my name is Rivka. I searched for many years to find the exact modern style painting that I was looking for, for my home and when I found Menucha's paintings in an art gallery, I knew I had found it. Menucha is so incredibly easy to deal with and helped us take a vision in our heads and create a reality on our wall. It is exactly what I was dreaming of, and I am still in awe of how she managed to take my basic descriptions and create the incredible masterpiece we now enjoy every day. Thank you, Menucha!

Lori Pashnitza - curator of exhibitions

The artist Menucha Yankelevitch is a strong believing woman of character, a lover of art, blessed with talent, highly professional, yet modest. Her works attract a lot of attention and receive enthusiastic responses! Rest invites us to look at Jerusalem, her favorite city and at many in Israel and the world, to walk in the streets and among the alleys, to enjoy rooftops and domes, to feel holy places, and to experience a magical vision!!!

Sarit Yosef

The heart expands... You won amazing tools of expression, which envelop the viewer in the unique Jerusalem being, absorbed in all its veins as if smelling, touching and feeling the authentic sights and the atmosphere reserved only for our Jerusalem. See a blessing in your work, and the special grace in your works will open hearts. Much success and success in the exhibition and in general. Great appreciation

Orit Martin - artist

I have known Menucha for years, as a groundbreaking and unique artist in her field. Menucha's works are paintings for the soul, full and full of content and inner happiness. She passes on the soul of painting to her students, - creative joy, excitement and empowerment. Anyone looking for a first-class artistic experience, along with satisfaction and empowerment - will find it in a rest course.

Rivi Cohen

I've been searching for a beautiful piece of art to adorn my home and serve as a backdrop for my balloon designs for a long time. I searched online and found Menucha Yankelevitch, who paints incredibly beautiful Jewish-themed artwork, just the way I like it The painting arrived on Friday, and we spent the entire Sabbath admiring it. It's truly special, with lovely colors that bring life to our home, not to mention the Jewish artistic touch Thank you so much!!! Keep delighting people with your unique creations

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