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Menucha Yankelevich

Who Am I? I play my heartstrings and the music of my soul in colors and textures on canvas.
In my career spanning forty years, I have painted with different teachers. I have blazed my unique trail with much practice, trial and error, and most importantly, daily work
In this way, I have mastered many styles and skills.
Since 2015, I have spearheaded a completely new style of Judaica fine art. I created a series of white oil paintings overlaid in gold leaf. This has become a signature for high end style and elegance. Many collectors from the US and abroad have acquired these beautiful paintings.
They have inspired a cadre of contemporary artists, who paint in this style.
Hundreds of my clients write to me with descriptions of how connected they feel to their paintings, which bring a warmth, joy, and elegance to their homes.
My paintings reflect my love for Jerusalem and the Jewish experience. They transport the viewer straight to the heart of the Holy city, awakening feelings of connection, longing, love and hope for the Jewish People.

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“Painting revives me, as dew revives a person, both body and soul”


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