Portrait of Rabbis

Rabbi Yisrael Abu-Chatzira, who throughout the world was known as the ‘Baba Sali’, was a Torah giant who since childhood devoted all his time and energy to intensive Torah study. He sat immersed in learning for many long hours, oblivious to his surroundings, ignoring even basic material needs. He was the father of prayers for Am Yisrael and during his entire life was devoted to fellow members of our holy people, feeling their pain and sharing their suffering. Rabbi Yisrael Abu-Chatzira gained fame and renown as a supremely holy, saintly miracle-worker whose blessings would always be upheld.
His home was always open to every type of visitor and he was famously known for his ahavat Yisrael. He was revered and accepted by every community and sect and that is why thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people from all segments of the population flocked to his home. He received every visitor with welcoming hospitality and warmth, radiating his love for each and every person and strengthening their spirits with advice or a blessing that would certainly be fulfilled.
This prestigious picture of the Baba Sally can bring blessing and an atmosphere of sanctity and yirat Shamaim into your home.



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