Rectangle Rachel’s Tomb

Near the Road of the Patriarchs, which extends from Nablus southwards to Hebron, slightly south of Jerusalem, the Tomb of Rachel is situated.
It sits silently and silence is a characteristic trait of the personality resting there. Mama Rochel remained silent when she agreed to forfeit her wedding gown and her marriage to Yaakov, the leader of that generation. She quietly transferred the secret signs predetermined with her groom to her sister and did this willingly, preferring that her sister be spared from shame or embarrassment. The silence of Mother Rachel’s Tomb transfers a message. It calls to thousands of generations of her beloved children to find comfort and conciliation at her gravesite, and today the sounds of tear-filled pleas and prayers resonate there and shatter the silence.Mama Rochel ‘s children come to lean on her shoulders and pour out their hearts and souls to her, begging that she never, ever stop crying and pleading on their behalf before the Master of the World. They are confident that Rochel Imeinu will always care about them. Prevent your voice from crying, and your eyes from shedding tears, because there is reward ———”
A picture of Rachel’s Tomb in your home [or another from the inventory],
emphasizes this story and captures your heart.


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